The Industrial Revolution

It would be difficult to imagine the modern world as we know it today without taking into consideration the shifts in attitude and the use of resources that arose from the Industrial Revolution. Without, for example, the evolution of mass production of goods would the fast-paced atmosphere of computers and technology manufacturing have existed, or at least not in the way it functions now. This revolutionary movement, beginning in the 18th century Western world, put emphasis on urban living and factory work and effectively replaced the skilled craftsmen who once were at the helm of goods production.

Throughout the several pages contained within this resource, the subject of the Industrial Revolution’s impact on society will be analyzed and brought to the forefront of discussion. Readers can expect to learn about the changing nature of working environments for females and males alike, the origins of the movement within Great Britain, the childhood experience in the face of a growing urban culture, the revolutionary technological inventions such as looms for textile manufacturing that would define a new acceptance of mass production for generations to come, and more.

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